Grant for digital shift

Obtain 15 000 $ in government funding to create a digital adoption plan

What is CDAP?

The Canadian Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) helps small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) adopt digital technologies to increase their competitiveness

30 minutes

Requests are fulfilled
in 30 minutes and instantly approved

15 000 $

Get 90% (up to $15,000) of the cost of developing your digital adoption plan

100 000 $

Get a $100,000 interest-free loan from the BDC to implement your digital adoption plan

Obtain up to 15 000 $ in government funding to assess
your marketing tools and strategies

Get a personalized action plan to;

• Refresh your digital strategy
• Increase your operational efficiency
• Improve and accelerate your communication processes
• Stimulate your growth potential
• Take advantage of e-commerce
• Better anticipate the needs of targeted customers
• Strengthen customer loyalty
• Improve your organic SEO
• Attract qualified resources
• Assess the security of your IT ecosystem
• Implement measurement and control tools
• Have an action plan based on digital marketing best practices

We are committed
to help you reach your goals

Our team of experts is part of the network of approved CDAP partners. We’ll help you build a plan based on digital marketing best practices to help you achieve your strategic goals. In addition, we will guide you to obtain financing.

Get instant approval in less then 30 minutes

Tangible Benefits

The CDAP is designed to propel your success in the digital economy. Get a game plan for business process improvement and growth. Find out how upgrading your digital strategy gives your business a major competitive edge.


more probability
to increase your business income


more revenue compared to competitors without a digital strategy


more profitable than competitors without a digital plan


of executives credit technology with a competitive advantage

Business Needs Assessment

Review your current funding and business strategy to identify where you can benefit from grants in areas such as R&D, hiring. as well as any other issues you are facing in the business that need to be resolved.

Strategy and roadmap

Design a comprehensive fundraising strategy with milestones, timelines, and resources to achieve your short- and long-term transformation goals.

4 Simple Steps


Make your grant request

We assist you in completing the PCAN grant registration form


We build your plan

We determine your goals and create your digital adoption plan


The grant covers 90% of our costs

Once ISED validates the plan, submit your invoices to receive up to $15,000 to cover our consulting costs


Get funded!

We support you in obtaining a loan of up to
100 000 $

We will help you obtain
funding today

Eligibility criteria

  • Be incorporated federally or provincially, or be a sole proprietor residing in Canada
  • Be a private, for-profit company
  • Have between 1 and 499 full-time equivalent employees
  • Have annual income between $500,000 and $100,000,000, during one of the three previous fiscal years