The power of Why

Adapted from the English “WHY” which means “Why”. The “Y” is in some ways the icon of consciousness. The “Y” evokes the importance of asking “Why” before undertaking an action, a project, a mission…
Between fear and desire, between words and action, the Y approach is intended to be a crossroads of a new destination to follow in which each person understands that they must be the author of their life course.

Powered by the unique reverse-pathway approach, the Y Coaching journey aims to help millions of people chart the course of their life destination, retroactively starting from the final destination to the “here now”. This reverse introspection to the present moment aims to raise awareness of the power of feeling: the intuition that guides the choices we must make every day to optimize the achievement of our goals. Suddenly, the documentation of the journey of the “reverse journey” becomes the most important book of our life: the one of which we are the author. A synopsis of the same book can be shared in the Y community to inspire others to follow their intuition and find out their why.

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