If we could start
all over from scratch !

We all feel something immense is taking place worldwide. Globalization has moved far beyond economics and finance. Due to emerging technology Internet is “The” converging Universe to host this social centralization.

Simulated reality environment are just about to change radically the way we envision the future of mankind including the way we do anything.

The 8th continent

Arketron is a futuristic project centered around a unique space city, called Nova Haven. This modern-day Noah’s ark symbolizes the advent of the “eighth continent”: an unexplored and depoliticized space that offers everyone the chance to exploit their ideas and talents without reserve, while contributing to the birth and growth of something bigger than anything.

Arketron is the result of a long thinking process that is expressed in an inspiring and inclusive project. Earth citizens of all ages and background are invited to collaborate in an evolving experience aimed at anticipating a world that could ensure our survival as civilization.

Arketron brings together in a “space hub” everything that is possible, conceivable and even imaginable. The project will be deployed in several phases which are supported by a creative marketing strategy that takes full advantage of current and future trends such as: social and viral marketing, crowd sourcing, virtual and augmented reality, predictive marketing, artificial intelligence, interactive modular toys, video games, edutainment software, e-commerce and much more…

Our ultimate mission is to push the boundaries of the imagination and make this collective simulation a stepping stone towards the extension of humanity.

The count down for Arketron has begun…

Project preview

Original project creative content by Jack Chechik