A better world at hand

Good4.Global (G4G) is a social enterprise working in the sustainable development sector.
Through an innovative and inclusive platform, G4G offers a space for companies, organizations and citizens who want to discover and invest in a new model of prosperity.

G4G is aligned with the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), allowing businesses, organizations and citizens to measure their actions based on a recognized and widely documented framework both nationally and internationally.

The G4G crossroads therefore brings together within an always positive environment the necessary for a complete and evolving ODD approach, both personal and for an SME or an organization. In addition, G4G offers visibility that is non-existent to date. Through. Thematic sectors, a directory and a local search engine G4G allows citizens to direct their purchasing power towards SMEs committed or wishing to create a better world.

G4G also proves to be an advisory/educational crossroads of choice. We offer a range of free or low-cost educational services, such as:

  • Simple tools to assess your environmental and social impact according to the SDGs
  • The 4P Method, video modules in easy steps to engage with the SDGs and with your community
  • A customizable action plan that allows the anchoring of values ​​and an advantageous competitive positioning, all based on a continuous improvement model
  • Values ​​analysis tools and better identification of the mission / vision
  • An innovative program in the making for the acceleration of partnerships between businesses and organizations through endowment funds, designed to maximize citizen participation

In addition, the G4G affiliate partner program will allow members of the community to access advanced support and educational resources, according to their needs and interests, and this for subjects relating to sustainable development, social commitment , communications, philanthropy and more.

No other platform exists today that can help businesses, organizations and citizens overcome the perceived entry barriers to sustainable development. Our vision and related ongoing projects place us in an advantageous position for scalable deployment (local, provincial, national, international). However, we support by our message and our conviction that the global transformation must first be anchored in the individual in his locality.

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