Lateral Thinking

Cause success

Lateral thinking is basically looking at problems from multiple angles that are new or outside the usual scope of study, instead of focusing on a tried and true but limited approach.
Lateral thinking allows for shifting frames of reference and breaking down barriers to unleash creative thinking.
Lateral thinking is the science of creating innovative ideas with very high added value.

Popularized by Edward de Bono, “Lateral Thinking” aids innovation by considering that imagining an impossible or unrealistic solution can serve as a stepping stone to discovering a possibly innovative possible solution. The potentially illogical steps then serve as a “springboard” towards other ideas, themselves feasible or not, until a valid solution is obtained.

Among other things, by inverting the perception of a situation, by exaggerating the problem envisaged, by considering practical solutions or by using analogies with problems from a very different domain, lateral thinking destabilizes to open up the field of options.

Lateral thinking techniques broadly aim to cause a break in continuity in the linear thought process. This provocation forces you to get out of a reasoning or a pattern of thought that could get bogged down. This provocation pushes the brain beyond the usual boundaries. The trajectory taken to return to the universe of the possible is a source of innovation and a matter of pure imagination.